• Subject to review by our Quality Assurance Department, we offer Life Time Exchange of our products.
      • Our Quality Assurance Department will review the product to ensure it is free from any sort of damage/ alteration/re-size etc.
      • We will not be able to accept any product for Exchange if the product has been tampered, altered, resized (by a jeweler other than Syndiora), or damaged in any way.

      • The decision by the Quality Assurance Department shall be final and binding for any sort of Life-Time Exchange Scheme.

      • For any sort of Life-Time Exchange we shall require the following:

        • Original Product
        • Original Invoice
        • Product Certificate (If any)
      • Valid Government Id Proof of the person in whose name the purchase invoice was made Following shall be considered as a valid ID proof:

        • Aadhar card
        • Voters Identification card; or
        • Passport

      • In case of Shipment of product to us under the Life-Time Exchange Scheme, the Product should be packed and sealed in a secured manner to avoid any damage in Transit either bubble wrapped or in a small box or a padded envelope.

      • The terms and conditions for the Lifetime Exchange scheme are as follows:

      • Making Charges and taxes of any sort shall be deducted while determining the value under the Lifetime Exchange scheme.
      • In Case of any Coupon/Discount or promo code used during the original Purchase the same shall be deducted while determining the Lifetime Exchange Value.

      • In case of Lifetime exchange if value of the new product is higher than the value of the old product, the customer will have to pay the difference.

      • And if the value of new product is lower than the value of the old product, Syndiora will issue a credit note in the name of customer.
      • The new order shall be shipped to/ collected by the customer after 21 days and before 30 days of receiving the Original Product at our registered office.

      • At the point of collection, the recipient shall collect the product, by furnishing any one of the following Government approved photo identification card:

        • Aadhar card
        • Voters Identification card; or
        • Passport

      • To request for exchange of the product under the Life-Time Exchange kindly contact us at support@syndiora.com or +91-8879911038/ 8928705228.

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