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The journey to buy your Proposal Ring ends here at Syndiora.
The best part is its pocket-friendly.
Syndiora helped me choose the design & cut. I made it customised for my fiance and she loved it.

Aditya A.

Really good quality and great service; amazing after sales policy as well. It is a hoax that diamonds are an investment & Lab-Grown Diamonds is the solution for all the "rare" diamond lovers out there. A diamond is a diamond is a diamond. It shines just as bright, always. been wearing my solitaire ring for more than 6 months now. looks just how it should, shiny. Thanks

K.A. Mehta

Beautiful and unique designs. "Very pleasant experience shopping from Syndiora. The products are very nice in quality. They have a large variety of beautiful pendants and rings, you actually get what you see in the picture"

Riddhi shah

Classic finishing, perfect shining all at an affordable pricing. I loved what I purchased and wouldn't hesitate to do the same again.

Simran Aitiwar

The experience was very unique, they were informative about lab grown diamonds which convinced me to make the switch towards Eco-Friendly Diamonds.

Laxmi Bisht

I found the perfect Heart Shaped Solitaire for my engagement ring in Syndiora. The rare cut & incredible finish of the final product made my day. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Rashmi Verma

Ordering from Syndiora was in itself a breeze. Sent me great options and I got safe n secure delivery in Kolkata within 3 days of ordering without any additional delivery cost! And when the piece arrived, to my surprise was so much more beautiful in person! Made the perfect wedding gift, lovely packaging also. Totally worth it.

Anjali Gupta




Lab-Grown Diamonds are made in two methods:

1. High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT): The process starts with a capsule containing a carbon starting material, a metal flux, and a tiny diamond seed being placed into a press. Graphite, a common mineral made entirely of carbon, is commonly employed as the carbon starting material in this procedure. After that, the capsule is heated to 1,300 degree C to 1,600 degree C and pressed to pressures of up to 59,200 atm. The carbon source is dissolved into the metal flux in this way. The metal flux's composition varies, but it usually contains a combination of iron, nickel, and cobalt, which helps lower the temperature required for diamond production. The dissolved carbon source can then condense around the diamond seed in the molten metal combination, resulting in a lab-grown diamond. The HPHT process can take from hours to weeks, depending on the desired size and quality of the stones.

2. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) The CVD process begins with a combination of gases, comprising carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, being pumped into a chamber. The chamber is next filled with a substrate, which is commonly a tiny sliver of diamond seed, but graphite can also be utilised. Microwaves, lasers, or a hot filament are used to heat the chamber to temperatures of 800o to 900o C. The heat source allows the carbon in the gaseous mixture to precipitate out and attach to the substrate, which begins to crystallise into a diamond. The CVD process must be stopped regularly so that any graphite that crystalizes around the diamond may be removed. CVD can take from days and weeks, depending on the desired size and quality of the stones. However, dozens of stones can be grown at the same time.
Lab-grown diamond jewellery, of course, has a resale value. Natural diamonds have some resale value, while lab-created diamonds have a resale value that is similar to that of natural diamonds. Depending on the policies of the individual jewellers selling them, there is a 15-20% reduction.
Always ask for a certificate from your vendor if you want to purchase diamond jewellery online and want to confirm your diamond is legitimate. The 4 Cs of a diamond—colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight—are the universally acknowledged criteria for judging the quality of a diamond. The quality of a diamond is determined by a mix of all four Cs. SYNDIORA jewellery is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from reputable diamond grading laboratories. When you buy Lab Grown Diamond jewellery online from SYNDIORA, you don't have to worry about its authenticity.
Because round brilliant diamonds are the most widely utilised diamonds in modern-day diamond jewellery, there is a larger market for them. Other cuts, such as princess, let you to get a bigger stone for the same price. When majority of our clients sensibly invest in lab created diamond jewellery from SYNDIORA, they choose round cut diamonds, as they are one of a kind and the best ones.

Lab grown Diamonds will last a lifetime!

Lab grown Diamonds have always been a girl's best friend. Indeed! Women have cherished diamond jewellery for millennia. Lab grown Diamond jewellery comes in a variety of various categories from which to choose the best. Lab grown Diamond jewellery and its designs are changing with vogue as a result of modernity and swiftly altering fashion trends. In India, there are hundreds of lab-grown diamond jewellery manufacturers claiming to sell high-quality lab-grown diamonds. Only a few companies can back it up with 100% customer satisfaction and verified best-quality lab-grown diamonds.

In the lab-grown diamond jewellery sector, SYNDIORA demonstrates its serenity and supremacy. Syndiora is driven by a strong desire to revolutionise the way Indian women think about diamonds. Every diamond jewellery manufactured at Syndiora is composed with diamonds that have been tested and graded by a trusted laboratory, ensuring that what you take home is nothing less than the best of all.

Syndiora offers jewellery created entirely of 100 percent sustainable, ethical, and environmentally friendly hand-crafted diamonds, avoiding exploitation of Mother Earth while providing our clients with exquisite, spectacular, and purest diamonds.

Syndiora offers to produce elegant jewellery made with the finest craftsmanship, allowing every lady to own genuine diamonds. Syndiora provides you with the opportunity to personalise diamond jewellery.

Syndiora follows to the Quality-Check technique, where our specialists inspect the quality of each diamond, resulting in an attractive and brilliant brilliance to the finished product that every lady aspires to have in her formidable Jewellery collection.

Syndiora's stunning collection is inspired by contemporary and global trends seen at prestigious international fashion weeks. We have over 100 different diamond jewellery styles for ladies to choose from, including Dancing Diamonds, Pendants, Studs, Rings, Earrings, and Designer Collections. We provide a diverse selection of lab-grown diamond jewellery at reasonable prices.

Syndiora offers diamond jewellery in a variety of colours and metals, including Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold, all of which may be customised to your liking.

Lab-grown jewellery- Being introduced to the market in order to offer royalties to all segments of humanity while also reducing the depletion of the Earth, which we all share.

To simplify and alter your online shopping experience, browse our premium assortment of Diamond jewellery designs with special pricing, occasion, carat, design filter, collection and much more. Our artisans are dedicated to creating exceptional jewellery designs that suit your appearance and add value to it. Whether you're getting ready for a family gathering, an important appointment meeting, an evening out with your girlfriends, an exciting date with your loved one, or simply going shopping, lab-grown diamonds from India at SYNDIORA will complement and enhance any outfit you pair them with, allowing your jewellery to do the rest of the talking.

Buy Lab-grown diamond jewellery collection at Syndiora-

The Pendants:

Form our fascinating patterns and adaptability, diamond pendants have become increasingly popular. They are worn by women on a daily basis as well as for special events. A pendant is unlike any other item of jewellery in that it may be worn in a variety of ways. It adds to the elegance and stylish value of any outfit. Syndiora's designers have created stunning fashion pendants for ladies that are both stylish and tactile. Choose from a diamond pendant, a traditional diamond and gold combination, or a range of designs - we offer stunning pendants for all women. The nicest thing about a trendy lab grown diamond pendant is that it will elevate your fashion personality and may be worn with any ensemble, for any event.

The Studs:

While diamond studs are the definition of timeless elegance, colourful gemstone studs are precisely what you need to add a splash of colour to your outfit. There's nothing like investing in a couple pairs of lab grown diamond or colourful gemstone stud earrings to ensure that you'll be wearing them for many years to come. Any woman's go-to fashion accessory is a pair of stud earrings. This adaptable earring style's simplicity and elegance make it easy to mix with any outfit in your collection.

The Earrings:

There's something about lab grown diamonds-if you choose to wear diamond earrings because you want to appear and feel beautiful in them, there's no reason not to do so on a regular basis. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the beauty of diamonds and add a dash of glitz to your daily routine. For trendy ladies and children, these sophisticated and stunning designs are made to be worn every day.

The Rings:

At Syndiora, there is a ring to fit every occasion and mood. Our lab grown diamond ring collection features 40+ gorgeous designs and eye-catching shapes that you'll want to wear every day. Tiara Rings, Cocktail Rings, Love Infinity Rings, and many other kinds are available to compliment your appearance. We have a variety of beautiful diamond ring styles for you to choose from. These rings are produced in India with high-quality lab diamonds.

The Designer collection & Dancing Diamonds:

Wear your heart on your sleeve with designer and dancing diamonds jewellery. This feminine and nostalgic pattern inspired a range of one-of-a-kind lab-grown diamond jewellery creations.

The passionate design that appeals to everyone. The notion is that certain patterns remind us of lovely things in nature, which helps us relax. These styles are perfect for casual, business, or party attire. Explore all of the diamond jewellery options and let your gleam command all of the compliments!

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