While your love for Diamonds could be eternal, its life span is not!

Alarmed? Do not be, because we are here to help you and bring back that shine to you.

Don’t be surprised to see your diamonds lose their sparkle while you forget to pay some attention. Do not stress because, if you rightly maintain your diamond Jewellery, they shall stay pristine for years. To keep your diamond Jewellery shining, regular care is necessary. Here is what we put together for you.

The Everyday routine

Do you wear your Diamond Jewellery every day?

In that case, clean your Jewellery with lukewarm water and a soft-bristled toothbrush to keep your Jewellery sparkling and shiny.

Do you wear your Diamond Jewellery occasionally?

It is equally important to protect your Jewellery even if you don’t wear it. Store your Jewellery, unclutter it and place it in a box otherwise it could develop scratches and knock the stones off. Even though Diamonds are known as the hardest metal, they can bend or break under high pressure. Be conscious and keep your hands-off places that cause damage to the appearance of your Jewellery.

Rejuvenation and Maintenance

Your Diamond Jewellery needs regular maintenance to check the condition of the gems, worn prongs, or other issues. A quarterly or a yearly inspection by a Jewellery expert is a must to polish and refurbish it to increase the lifespan of your Jewellery.

The Unexpected

The future is unpredictable. So, it is always recommended to insure your Diamond Jewellery and protect it against the unexpected. A Jewellery specific insurance can help you in case of loss, diamond loss, damage, etc. So yes, do not forget to get your diamond insured.

Syndiora at your service

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