Design Your Own

Ever thought of designing your own Jewellery?

Make that dream come true with Syndiora by capturing the opportunity right away! Let us know what your desired diamond looks like and you shall receive a total of 3 best-crafted designs. The process following this stage is simple, quick and will smitten you off your feet when the Jewellery piece is made to perfection. Steps involving the making of desired (customized) fine crafted Jewellery for you:

Talk to a Representative

Use the chat box below and one of our skilled and experienced designers will be with you shortly. Further, we can pencil in a call or meeting to get going.

Your jewelry designer will commence by accumulating your requirements and relevant details related to your concept. They’ll start curating your idea and keep you in loop at every stage using images, sketches and other various design tools to aid you envisage your jewelry design.

Materialize your Idea

Design your Jewelry

Once you give us a heads up on all minute details, we’ll forge a tailor-made piece of fine jewelry for you as per your description.

Types of Customization

Create New

If you have a dynamic mind and already have a design of your own or something that you have spotted somewhere, our team can help you put your ideas into diamonds and gems. Provide our designers with all information that you have and the end result will be the finest piece of customized jewelry handcrafted by some of the best designers.

Alter Existing

Custom usually derives from an original piece, you’ll happen to like a piece but might want it in a different shape, size, gem etc. Or maybe you want it thinner, thicker, longer, or maybe with a different pattern or structure altogether. We are all ears for any kind of changes and don’t worry, at the end of the day, we are jewelry designers, we’ll make it happen for you within the limits of your budget.

Your Stone, Our Design

There are many instances where you have a piece of gem, solitaire, or some stone from heirloom or from a past jewelry piece that has been broken and you want to reuse the same with modern designs. At Syndiora, we can do that for you with striking designs. We make sure that the sentimental value and the piece both are restored with elegance!

At Syndiora, you can keep your fear aside while going ahead with customized jewelry. There is absolutely no need to worry and we’ll make sure you confidently pick the elements with our designers to curate the jewelry piece you like. It’ll be our duty to latch on to what exactly you are looking out for before executing the same. We create all jewelry on your approval and there is no obligation at all to purchase a particular design unless and until you are satisfied.

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Syndiora at your service

Syndiora Experts can assist you in choosing an Exquisite Jewellery piece for you.