The Diamond Analysis

Every diamond is beautifully unique but what mark them similar are their shared structural features. The basic structure, in general words anatomy, defines the proportions, brilliance, dispersion and scintillation. Every part of the diamond comes with a specific name which when known in brief helps provide the wisdom to you to pick your flawless, most dreamed of Diamond. To know the diamond in much more detail, one has to study the five main components of a diamond, which are, table, crown, girdle, pavilion, and culet. To help you with their details and gain a deeper insight, we have provided a description of each of the five components.


Largest facet of a diamond.
Can be recognized as a flat surface.
Can be identified similar to that of a table top.


Is the outer edge.
Also the widest point.
Meeting point of crown & pavilion.
Could either be rough, polished or faceted.


Situated at the bottom.
Girdle & Culet are bridged.
Light reflection is determined.
Maximum light is allowed by Quality cuts .


The smallest facet of a diamond.
Situated on the very bottom tip.
Offers protection to the pavilion.
Some modern methods claim this to be unnecessary, however, still seen in use.


Seen to extend from table.
End is marked at the top of girdle.
Facets are step or brilliant cut.

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