Buyback Policy

    • Subject to review by our Quality Assurance Department, we offer a Buyback Scheme of the products sold in India.
    • Our Quality Assurance Department will review the product to ensure it is free from any kind of damage/ alteration/re-size etc.
    • Product won’t be accepted, if the product has been tampered, altered, resized by a third-party jeweller, or damaged in any way.
    • The decision by the Quality Assurance Department shall be final and binding for any kind of Buyback Scheme.
    • Buy back is applicable only when the value of the purchased product is up to Rs.250,000/-
    • The Buyback policy is based on giving the fair value of jewellery. The benchmark rate will be applicable.
      • All Products at 70% on the Invoice of the prevailing market value.
    • Labour and Certification charges shall be deducted while determining the Buy-Back value.
    • In case of any discounts given during the original purchase, an equivalent amount shall be deducted from market value of the lab grown diamond jewellery.
    • The refund amount shall exclude all applied taxes/labour/certification charges at the time of Buyback.
    • For any sort of BUYBACK, we shall require the following:
      • 1. Original Product
      • 2. Original Invoice
      • 3. Product Certificate (If any)
      • 4. Original Packaging and its Accessories/Care kit along with the product.
    • Valid Government Id Proof of the person in whose name the purchase invoice was made shall be considered as a valid ID Proof:
      • 1. Aadhar Card
      • 2. Voter’s ID Card
      • 3. Passport
    • In case of Shipment of product to Syndiora under the Buyback Scheme, the Product should be packed and sealed in a secured manner to avoid any damage in Transit either bubble wrapped or in a small box or a padded envelope.
    • Shipping Charges of the product to Syndiora will be bourne by the customer.
    • All payments for the buyback value paid by Syndiora will be made through RTGS or NEFT only. Payments shall be made only to the person/entity mentioned in the invoice issued by Syndiora.
    • Refund and Payments under the Buyback scheme shall be done within 45 Business days.
    • SYNDIORA Exchange / Buyback / Upgrade policy can be withdrawn or altered without any prior notice at any given time and the decision of Syndiora shall be final.
    • In case of any dispute, the jurisdiction will be restricted to the courts in Mumbai.
    • To request for buyback of the product under the Buyback policy kindly contact us at or +91-8879911038/ 8928705228.

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