Lab-Grown Diamonds are also known as Conflict Free Diamonds, Conscious Diamonds, Eco-friendly Diamonds, Conscious diamonds, Environment Friendly Diamonds, and so on.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are made in two methods:

1. High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT): Lab-Grown Diamonds are produced by placing 40-70 pieces of diamond seeds (ensured that there are no cracks) inside a “Greenhouse”. The plasma ball of hydrogen ball is created inside the chamber. A small amount of methane is added which slowly turns into carbon and hydrogen. Thus, formed Carbon is deposited on the seeds and builds into the diamond. A pressure of about 1.5 million pounds per square inch is exerted by using a belt press/cubic press/split-sphere (BARS) press. The diamond is then heated to a temperature of above 2,700 Fahrenheit. A small diamond is then formed around the former diamond seed due to the extreme pressure and temperature conditions.
2. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
Diamonds are produced by placing a small slice of diamond seed in a closed chamber and heated until the internal chamber temperature reaches 1000 degrees Celsius approximately. By heating ultra-rich carbon gases like methane in the controlled chamber, the carbon atoms in the gas begin to separate. Upon separation the carbon atoms fall onto diamond seed, building up layer-by- layer until they form coarse CVD diamonds.

NO, they are same as real mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are cultivated with natural ingredients placed in an environment to duplicate them. As soon as the required combination of chemical and environmental conditions is created, diamond starts growing in the laboratory. These human-made diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as the natural ones.

NO. On demand, only a certified Gemologist possesses the knowledge to differentiate by using a dominant microscope along with other equipments at trusted laboratories only.

Syndiora manufactures jewellery using conflict-free diamonds which replicate the chemical, physical and optical properties of mined diamonds. Also, the number of channels involved in the manufacturing of Lab-Grown Diamonds is way less than in mined diamonds, hence the affordable price.

YES, Syndiora’s Jewellery is certified by trusted laboratory following the same parameters used for natural diamond jewellery.

The price differs from 35%-40% depending on size, shape and quality of the Diamond. The price difference rises up as the weight and quality of the diamond increases. A high production cost and intricacy of technological process used in creating these individually grown diamonds keep their quality and value high.

Yes. We at Syndiora believe that diamonds should claim love and not lives. We are proud to offer excellent quality diamonds grown under controlled conditions resulting in NO distressing environmental impact.

YES. Our Lab-Grown Diamonds do not require high energy consumption like in the process of earth mining. Our Laboratories are eco-friendlier than the traditional coal-based plants. This enables us to preserve the natural resources for our future generations.

Lab diamond jewellery’s luxury and charm is never lost with time. Although they replicate all the benefits of a real diamond, they come in affordable price ranges.

The Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery will never fade or change with time. The rigidity of our diamond is exactly the same as that of earth-mined diamonds.

Yes. Insurance companies will insure your Lab-Grown Diamond Jewellery precisely in the same manner as any other Jewellery.



Natural diamonds are found in various shapes and sizes. When polishing such diamonds, one has to consider impurities and unusual flaws of diamonds which result in irregular/low carat weight. Lab-Grown Diamonds come in various shapes and weight free from impurities which enable the cutter to obtain high yield. Therefore, you get bigger diamonds when they are Lab-Grown.

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