Ms Ankita Gupta was born in Kolkata city in West Bengal, India. Kolkata as the cultural cauldron of India made a profound impact on Ms Ankita’s young mind. From an early age, she got interested in the industry of luxury and art but with a climate-conscious mindset.

As a teenager in 2010, she began her journey of becoming a jewellery aficionado. Her passion drove her to pursue expertise in different jewellery and diamond industry areas. She gained a few years of experience working in Indian and International gemological laboratories as a gemologist. She further sharpened her technical expertise at the Gemological Institute of America and the International Gemological Institute.

These years of experience helped her recognise the immense potential of the jewellery industry. But the ethical and environmental costs associated with the diamond mining sector were stopping her. She started looking for ways to pursue her passion without the ethical conundrum of the diamond mining industry. She was also concerned about the impact of the accrued carbon footprint of the luxury jewellery industry on the Earth’s ecosystem.

“As a millennial, I aspire to lead the change in the sustainable luxury sector by creating something that is inspired by the past but curated for the future.“

She expressed her desire for starting a lab-grown diamond jewellery business in India. The initial backlash and lack of awareness about lab-grown diamonds in India were demotivating but her father became her strength during the difficult times of her journey.

Despite being the first generation in the jewellery industry, Ms Ankita never felt alone as her father stood by her vision and supported her in establishing a high-end, luxury brand of conflict-free diamond jewellery, Syndiora.