The round cut Diamonds are perfect to make classic looks. Round cut diamonds are crafted with brilliance ensuring a great pick for an engagement. However, the round outline works for any mounting, from classic jewels to contemporary designs, retaining mesmerizing sparkle.


The oval-cut diamonds are slightly identical to the brilliance of the round ones, but their elongated shape adds a lengthening look on the finger. The face-up ratio of the Oval-cut diamonds will determine the outline when looked from the top. A traditional range of oval-shaped diamonds usually varies from the ratio of 1.33 to 1.66. They’re a popular choice among the East-West settings.


The Princess cut is one of the most dazzling diamond shapes, known for its liveliness and charm. They are slightly smaller on the face-up size, making it the most preferred option for minimalists. It is a modern-day divinity possessing sleek, square lines with a gifted gorgeous sparkle. Among the most popular of the fancy diamond shapes, Princess cut looks very stunning in any given setting.


The cushion-cut diamond signifies fire. It has gained resurgence in popularity for its vintage facet. They are made from an elegant combination of round and oval characteristics to refract flashes of colored light


Unlike usual diamond shapes, the emerald cuts are rare diamonds, attributing to their elongated shape causing a “Step cut” illusion on the finger, thus, adding a distinct sparkle. The emerald cut diamonds look larger from a top angle with the step cuts accentuating the clarity of the diamond. These diamonds refract a stunning, subtle “Hall of Mirrors” effect. They are a great choice for an understated East-West ring.


A Radiant cut is made from the characteristics of an emerald-cut and a round cut. This cut charms loads of sparkle, and the curtailed corners make it more durable than the princess-cut. They are heavier in weight and have higher color concentration compared to other diamond shapes.


An Asscher-cut diamond, technically known as ‘square emerald-cut diamond’, has a mesmerizing windmill pattern, representing a vintage and an artistic look. They are made similarly to the emerald-cut diamonds. Its octagonal outlines, uniquely angled geometric styles and smooth corners create an everlasting look. The ideal length-width of these diamonds is 1.00 and 1.05:1.


The Pear-shaped diamonds are a unique hybrid cut with beautiful tear-drop shape, combining the goodness of Marquise and round cut diamonds. Their perfect proportion gives a depth of shine to the diamond. Pear shapes are largely popular in making minimalistic patterned rings, earrings and pendants. Their face-up is 8% larger than round-cuts. They are usually polished with 58 facets, and the optimal length-width varies from 1.50 and 1.75:1.


The Marquise cut has an elongated shape, categorized by two sharper points on either end. Similar to that of Ovals, the Marquise looks huge, making your finger appear thin. They have the largest face-up area compared to all diamond cuts. Their optimal length-width ratio is 2:1 and ranges between 1.75 and 2.25:1.


Synonymous to its name, the heart-cut diamonds are a symbol of Romance. They can be the best gift for your intimate occasions and therefore are the most demanding diamond cuts of all time! The Heart-shape cuts are purely an epitome of artistic skillset.


The Triangular cuts, also known as Trillions and Trilliants have a unique geometry side that sparkles making these diamonds stand out. Although popular as side stones, these make a bold statement. Its shallow cut makes them face-up more than the round cuts. They are a perfect pick for an engagement ring.

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