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What is CSR for Syndiora?

Corporate Social Responsibility is in itself a business model that aids a particular company to stay liable socially to itself, its consumers and other people related to them. Syndiora’s step towards CSR aims at achieving one goal, that is to not having negative impact on the environment, people or world at large. We, at Syndiora, believe in doing things while motivating others to join the movement with us and help make a mighty difference.

What impact does the mining of diamonds have on environment?

The diamonds are truly the crème de la crème of all the gemstones, but they come with a heavy negative price. There are tremendous social and environmental impacts created while the extraction of diamonds along with impacts on the whole diamond product chain. To name a few, child labor, poor working conditions, and huge environmental impacts are some saddening results of the extraction process behind that beautiful diamond ring of yours.

There are countries with below than average pay for miners while children are forced into mining at a very young age. For the same reasons, they also go through physical and sexual abuse. Poor living conditions further give rise to diseases amongst them and hence it takes a toll on their life ahead. Environmental impacts include Soil erosion, demolition of entire ecosystem and deforestation hence weakening livable conditions on this planet.

What steps does Syndiora take?

Syndiora strongly aims to put a stop to all of the above by gradually taking steps towards the same. We deal with Lab-Grown Diamond Jewellery which minimizes the human and environmental effects together in one go as our jewellery is curated out of diamonds that are manufactured in a laboratory under replicated conditions as below the surface of the earth. Syndiora resonates with the statement that when a diamond can be procured in the same manner without harming the environment and people, and can be purchased at an affordable price, then WHY NOT?

Beyond this, the scope of vigilance and likelihood to share a brighter future extends furthermore. Some of the activities included the below.

Sightsavers India

Syndiora tied hands with Sightsavers to help the needy out there and take a step towards ending a dark world for people.

Sightsavers is an international organization that works with partners in more than 30 countries to eliminate avoidable blindness, and fight for the rights and needs of people with disability since 1966. Sightsavers’ work in India has enabled thousands of people to lead lives of independence and dignity. They have been working with local partners to strengthen organisations and communities, and have supported the treatment of millions of people with eye disorders. They have educated, counselled, trained and rehabilitated people who are visually impaired or blind, and helped extend the reach of eye services to the least served areas of India.

Their work has impacted the lives of 55 million people with potential eye problems. By carrying out 36.4 million eye treatments, and 5 million eye operations with the help of their partners, they are taking India and world towards a brighter future.
Their vision is to make the world a place where no one is blind from avoidable causes and where visually impaired people participate equally in society!