Our Story

“Lab-Grown Diamond Jewellery is brought to the market in order to provide royalty to each and every segment of human beings whilst preventing depletion of Earth which we all have in common”

Ankita Gupta,
Founder & Owner, Syndiora

Syndiora bears great passion in heart to change the mundane way of how Indian women experience diamonds. It all started to fall into place when the founder Ms. Ankita Gupta dared to dream different. She wanted to pour life into her finest ideation of how every girl should be able to adorn a diamond without being tied up in the hustle and bustle of the hype. She thrived to break through the dark myths that engulfed diamond-dreams of every woman through time and tide.

Ankita Gupta boasts 2-3 years’ of experience in gemological laboratories, who late took massive interest in Diamond and Gem stones study and contributed to industry-leading solitaire. However, her desire for the “Diamond Exploration” did not stop there. She discovered that Lab-Grown Diamonds are the future of luxury, while following sustainability.

Later in 2017, Syndiora was born with a line up to produce real diamonds without having to hurt the natural resources. Every diamond jewellery manufactured at Syndiora is made of diamonds that has been analyzed and graded by trusted laboratory, so what you take home is nothing but the finest of all.

Syndiora offers jewellery made out of 100% sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly hand-crafted diamonds to evade mother earth’s exploitation while giving our customers luxurious, remarkable and the purest Diamonds.

Our Promise

Syndiora has an array of collection of jewellery made out of Lab-Grown diamonds which replicate the chemical, physical and optical properties of mined diamonds. Syndiora is committed towards making the purest jewels, originally made and refined for every occasion. Our every thick to trinket Jewelry is crafted with exactitude to make you look unmatched, jubilant and full of grace & glow- Just like our diamonds.

Syndiora promises to deliver dainty Jewellery crafted with the most brilliant skill privileging every woman to afford real diamonds. Syndiora offers you to experience the luxury to customize diamond jewellery.

From heavenly patterns to enchanting aesthetics, Syndiora adheres to the Quality-Check approach, where our professionals check the quality of every diamond, giving an elegant and dazzling shine to the end product that every woman desires to have in her mighty Jewellery collection.

Syndiora at your service

Syndiora Experts can assist you in choosing an Exquisite Jewellery piece for you.