Explore The Benefits Of Sustainable Conscious Jewelry!

    A step closer to a sustainable lifestyle.


Lab grown diamonds jewelry becoming increasingly popular with each coming day, as it a more sustainable and ethical option to choose from compared to the traditional diamond jewelry created by nature. In this blog, we will be discussing the benefits of lab grown diamond jewelry and why it’s a better alternative to choose in order to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

  • Sustainability- One of the most important benefits is that lab grown diamond jewelry is sustainable. Traditional diamond mining has a significant harmful impact on the environment a few that can be listed are water pollution, land degradation, deforestation. Diamond mining can additionally also lead to displacement of a communities living in those areas and can also abuse human rights. At the same time lab grown diamonds are completely opposite because lab grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment with the use of more sustainable methods (technology) as it does not require the same level of environmental conditions as natural diamond                                                                      


  • Ethical Production- This benefit of lab grown diamond jewelry is its ethical production practices. As most of us are already aware about how traditional diamond mining is associated with a few unlawful practices such as, child labour, forced labour and in order to stop these practices many NGO’s have raised their voices against it, and we at Syndiora stand by them. As lab grown diamonds on the other hand, are created by using ethical labour practices. And by choosing lab grown diamond jewelry, consumers can ensure that their lab grown diamond purchase supports an ethical production of diamond jewelry which does not endorse abusing human rights.                                                                                                                       


  • Quality and versatility- Lab grown diamonds are also known for its quality, as they are created using extremely advanced technology in creating a good quality diamond than the diamonds found in nature as those diamonds may contain impurities from the environment, this also means better colour, clarity and cut when the diamonds are created in a lab. Lab grown diamonds is also versatile and can be use in a variety of different jewelry styles, which gives our customer a wider range of jewelry to select from. 



  • Cost Effective- Lab grown diamonds are a more cost-effective alternative compared to traditional diamond jewelry. These diamonds offer a greater value for money and is a great option to choose for consumers who are budget conscious.



Overall lab grown diamond jewelry is an ideal option to choose from as it not only benefits the environment but also our customers.





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