Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real?


Diamonds have always been cherished for its exquisite beauty and symbol of everlasting love. Traditionally diamonds were found deep beneath the earth crust and the formation of these diamond would take over millions of years. With the coming of advancement in technology, there is a more sustainable option that has been introduced which is known as Lab grown diamonds. These diamonds have raised many questions in the minds of consumers. And one of the question's that we are going to answer in this blog is weather lab grown diamonds are real diamonds or not. Let’s first understand the formation of these diamonds, lab grown diamonds are also known synthetic or man - made diamonds, these diamonds are identical to natural diamonds, the process to form these diamonds are replicated from natural diamonds, a small natural diamond seed is used to a high pressure and high temperature or with the use of CVD method.

Natural diamonds have always been associated to be high prices due to its rarity and complex process of mining. With the introduction of lab grown diamonds, purchasing diamonds have become a more affordable alternative in the market. The cost of lab grown diamonds are cost lesser than natural diamonds with similar natural counterpart’s quality, however as consumer are gaining more knowledge and awareness about these labs grown diamonds, their market share is expected to increase significantly.

Lab grown diamonds are indeed real diamonds, which possess the same physical and chemical properties. Lab grown diamonds are sustainable and affordable option to choose without compromising on the beauty and quality.








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