Lab-grown Diamond jewellery getting Papped!

With wedding season approaching diamond industry market can already see spectacular growth in the business. Indian jewellery buying trends have changed evidently, especially with the diamond market. As many experts said India has the potential to be a global hub of lab-grown diamonds. Among millennials, lab-grown diamonds are a preferred choice primarily due to environmental and humanitarian reasons. Lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical, optical and physical properties as natural diamonds, hence it’s easier to make the move for millennials. As Wedding season is around the corner buy your Lab-grown diamond jewelry now. Find out our top-selling pieces that will make the talks around just like these celebrities/ influencers.

Kritika khurana in syndiora

Kritika Khurana wearing syndiora earrings, rings and pendants.

Kritika Khurana (thatbohogirl) rocking the less is more style with our best selling products. With trending lehengas, you don’t want to wear big pieces. Our elegant range of products will shine as bright as you. Long drop earrings perfectly embellished with diamonds to make heads turn. For that simple elegant look, this piece has all the answers.

dolly singh in syndiora
Dolly Singh wearing Syndiora’s “Dancing with the diamonds collection”.

Dolly Singh (dollysingh) dancing with our dancing diamonds collection. These
dancing diamond earrings and pendants jiggle shine and dance along with you. This gorgeous piece of dancing diamonds enhances any look that you carry. This must have piece with jiggling diamonds adds more fun in your look. These are the perfect pieces for a sangeet night.

ashna shroff in syndiora

Ashna Shroff wearing Syndiora’s “Made for each other ring”

This glamorous ring with a stellar piece of round-cut diamond work best for every wear. Gorgeous diamond studded round-shaped ring for that perfect attire you have in mind. Turn all eyes around you with this gorgeous diamond swirl rings. Elegantly crafted diamond artwork is best for evening wear with your exquisite lehengas.

deeksha khurana in syndiora
Deeksha Khurana wearing Syndiora's Helios Diamond Pendant along with Ephemeral Round Cut Dangling Earrings.

Deeksha Khurana (deekshakhurana) wearing our best-selling pendant piece as a reminder that party season is around the corner, start planning your looks. Contemporary yet traditional drop and dangle piece is a must-have for everyone, a stellar piece for traditional attire. This trending piece is the right fit for your best wedding look. Buy this trend-setting design to kick-start the wedding season.


sonali kulkarni in syndiora

Sonali Kulkarni Wearing syndiora’s ‘ephemeral round-cut dangling earrings and ‘made for each other’ ring.

You can never go wrong with a saree and a diamond piece just like our famous actress Ms Sonali Kulkarni. This is the most sought-after glamorous style which will serve you with the right style guide for a glamorous cocktail night. A perfect shining piece of elegance for all of you, perfection seekers. These timeless dangling long earrings are crafted with pear, marquise and round diamonds that are perfect for your intimate gatherings.

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