Looking for the best engagement ring style?

When it comes to best engagement ring styles, an individual’s personal preferences and taste plays an important role while designing’s an engagement ring. But there’s no need to worry we've got you covered. In this blog we will be listing down a few popular styles are that mostly selected by our customer’s.

1. Classic Solitaire: A timeless design that one can never 
get enough of, adding a single lad grown diamond on a plain band. This style is perfect if you’re looking for a simple yet elegant engagement ring.

2.Three-stone: This style is another meaningful option one can choose from, the three diamonds symbolize the past, present and the future, which presents your journey together as a couple, here the diamonds are installed on the ring in a row setting.

3.Halo: This amazing style looks absolutely stunning, here the diamond is installed in the center, then adding smaller diamonds around it, which increases the sparkle and enhances the engagement ring’s overall appearance. This type of style is also great if you are under a budget constrain.

4: Pave: A band adorned with smaller sized diamonds, which creates a stunning look which also adds an extra brilliance and sparkle to the ring. This style ring can also be paired with other fancier rings as well, which just elevates the look completely.

5: Vintage: If you’re looking for a ring with an intricate details and designs which are inspired from historical eras. Then this vintage style is definitely meant for you.

6: Cushion cut: A rectangular or square shared diamond with edges that are rounded, it resembles a pillow or cushion and hence the name. This type of style is known for its romantic as well as vintage appeal.

7: Princess cut: The shape of diamond is square with brilliant facets, which offers an appearance of a more contemporary and glamourous look.

8: Emerald cut: This style is personally our favorite as it gives a very elegant look, a step cut diamond with facets that are rectangular which helps highlight the clarity and spark of the diamond.

9: Oval cut: The oval cut diamond used has a brilliant cut, with an elongated oval shape. It is combined with the brilliance of a round diamond with a unique silhouette.

10: Customized designs- These designs are completely created from scratch according to your preference. Here’s where your style reflects in the ring design which allows you to achieve a complete look that you have in mind.

These are just ring style popularly used while picking an engagement ring. The best style according to us it’s what style you would prefer in terms of taste and what meaning the lab grown diamond engagement ring brings to you.