Top 5 Facts about Lab Grown Jewelry Luxury Brand, Syndiora

Lab Grown Jewelry Luxury Brand
Syndiora, as a luxury brand has always strived to provide the world’s best luxury jewelry experience to its customers.

It exclusively deals in sustainable diamond jewelry and has consistently maintained the quality of its stellar jewelry collection over the years.

Here are the 10 facts about Syndiora- 

  1. Syndiora is a Trendsetter in Lab-grown diamonds Industry

Syndiora was established in 2017. At that time the industry of Man Made Diamonds was an uncharted domain in India. This caused a lot of resistance from the mined diamond industry. 

Despite the backlash, Syndiora did not deter from its mission of revolutionizing the sustainable luxury sector and emerged as the leading luxury jewelry brand with patrons from all over India. It has created a massive customer base of celebrities and is quite popular among the Indian elites and young generation.

Man-Made Diamonds

2. Syndiora deals with man-made diamonds of premium quality

The 4Cs - colour, clarity, cut and carat weight is the globally accepted standard for assessing the quality of a diamond. Syndiora only offers preimum grade clarity to its clients. The lab grown diamonds used by Syndiora are with minimum inclusions making them superior than other diamonds available in market. 

In simple words, an inclusion is any material that is trapped inside another mineral while its formation. For a diamond with superior quality, it is impossible to spot inclusions by the naked eye. 

3. Syndiora provides an authenticity certificate with cultured diamond jewelry 

With multiple diamond-look alike stones available on the market, it is imperative to protect the buyer’s interest. At Syndiora, we promise to protect the patron’s trust at all costs and provide buyers with the best value for their money. Therefore, each jewelry piece at Syndiora comes with IGI, GIA, SGL or EGL certificate, confirming the genuineness of the lab-grown diamonds used in the jewelry. Also, Syndiora uses BIS 100% Hall Marked gold only.

4.Syndiora uses Lab-Created Diamond of Type 2a

Type IIa diamonds are extremely rare in nature (1-2% of all mined diamonds are Type IIa). They are almost entirely devoid of impurities. They are colourles and have the highest thermal conductivity. Syndiora’s commitment to excellence is evident with the use of lab-cultured diamonds of Type IIa. 

Syndiora lab grown diamonds on a blue surface

 5. Syndiora is committed to making the world a better place  

#TogetherWithSyndiora is a CSR initiative by Syndiora. They actively contribute to different causes and recently tied hands with Sightsavers to help the needy and take a step towards ending the dark world for the visually impaired. 

So, besides stirring up diamond mining industry by standing against unethical and environment harming practices, Syndiora believes in doing well by doing right.