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      Women's Elegant and Timeless Rings

      Since the beginning of civilization, rings have been worn. Around 2,500 BC, the Mesopotamians wore the first known rings. Queens of ancient Egypt decked themselves with rings, necklaces, and bracelets. The ring was regarded as a prestige symbol by the Greeks and Romans. Women's rings made of gold, diamonds, and silver have been popular in India for many years, especially among the royalty elite.

      Finger rings are now often used in romantic and wedding-related contexts. The ring finger was thought by the Greeks to be connected to a vein that led to the heart. As a result, men are increasingly giving their fiancees engagement rings as a symbol of their commitment. The bride and groom have fun competing with one another in a traditional Indian wedding as they search in a pot of milk or coloured water for a concealed wedding band.

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